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Descent of the Infanta Alicia (1917-2017), Senior Representative of King David I of Scotland and
senior known representative of King Edward the Confessor.

1. David I King of Scots (-1153) m. Matilda of Huntingdon [older sons d. young]
2. Henry Earl of Huntingdon (-1152) m. Ada de Warenne (-1178) [older sons' issue extinct by 1290]
3. David Earl of Huntingdon (-1219) m. 1190 Maud of Chester
4. Margaret of Huntingdon m. 1209 Alan Lord of Galloway (-1234) [son d. s.p., other dau. d. s.p. by 1246]
5. Devorguila of Galloway (-1290) m. John de Baliol (-1268) [sons' issue extinct by 1363]
6. Ada de Baliol m. William de Lindsay
7. Christine Lindsay (-1320) m. Enguerrand V de Coucy (-1321)
8. Guillaume de Coucy (-1335) m. Isabeau de Chatillon (-1360)
9. Enguerrand VI de Coucy (-1344) m. Katharina v O"sterreich (1320-1349)
10. Enguerrand VII de Coucy 1 Earl of Bedford (-1398) m. Isabel of England
11. Marie de Coucy m. Henri de Bar (-1396)
12. Robert de Bar Count de Marle (-1415) m. Jeanne de Béthune (-1450)
13. Jeanne de Bar (-1462) m. Louis I of Luxembourg Count of Saint Pol (1418-1476)
14. Pierre II of Luxembourg Count of Brienne (1440-1483) m. Marguerite of
Savoy (-1483)
15. Marie de Luxembourg (-1546) m. François de Bourbon Count of Vendôme.
16. Charles IV de Bourbon Duke of Vendôme (1489-1537) m. Françoise d'Alencon
17. Antoine de Bourbon Duke of Vendôme (1518-1562) m. Jeanne III d'Albret King of
Navarre (1528-1572)
18. Henri IV King of France (1553-1610) m. 1600 Maria de Medici (1573-1642)
19. Louis XIII King of France (1601-1643) m. Anne of Austria, Infanta of Spain (1601-
20. Louis XIV King of France (1638-1715) m. Maria Teresa of Austria, Infanta of Spain
21. Louis Dauphin of France (1661-1711) m. Maria Anna v Bayern (1660-1690)
22. Louis Dauphin of France (1682-1712) m. Marie Adelaide of Savoy
23. Louis XV King of France (1710-1774) m. Maria Leszczynska, Princess of Poland
24. Louis Dauphin of France (1729-1765) m. Josepha of Saxony (1731-1767) [older sons issue extinct by 1851, with the death of Marie-Thérèse, Dauphine of
France, widow of the Louis, Duke of Aquitaine and then Dauphin, heir of Charles X]
25. Charles X King of  (1757-1836) m. Maria Teresa of Savoy (1756-1805)[older son, Louis, Duke of Aquitaine then Dauphin, died without issue, 1844]
26. Charles Duke of Berry (1778-1820) m. Maria Carolina of the Two Sicilies (1798-
1870) [son, Henri, Count of Chambord, d. sp. 1883]
27. Louise of France (1819-1864) m. Charles III Duke of Parma (1823-1854)
28. Roberto I (last reigning) Duke of Parma (1848-1907) m. Maria Pia of the Two
Sicilies (1849-1882) [older sons d. unm. by 1950]
29. Elias I D di Parma (1880-1959) m. Maria Anna, Archduchess of Austria (1882-1940) [sons d. unm. by 1974, older daus d. unm. by 1994]
30. Alice Princess of Borbone-Parma (b. 1917) m. Alfonso Infante of Spain, Duke of
Calabria in 1960 (1901-1964)
31. Carlos Infante of Spain, Duke of Calabria (1964), (1938-2015) m. Anne Princess of Orléans (b. 1938)

32. Pedro, Duke of Calabria (b. 1968)


While Infanta Alicia is certainly the senior representative of David I of Scotland, and as
such representative of the ancient Scottish dynasty, she is the representative of Edward
the Confessor, through his father, only because we do not know what happened to the
possible senior descendants (and will probably never know; they have never been traced).
David I was the youngest son of his parents, Malcolm III (d. 1093) and his wife
Margaret.  Descendants of one of the older sons are traceable to at least the mid-14th
century, but drop below the radar.  David I, and his descendants, are the senior *known*
representatives of Malcolm and Margaret.

Similarly, Margaret was a daughter of Edward Aetheling (d. 1057) and Agatha, and
Margaret had a brother, Edgar, who had two daughters.  The descendants of one daughter
of Edgar can be traced to the end of the 13
daughter of Edgar appears to have married in southern France, but this marriage has not
been sufficiently proved.  The woman in southern France has descendants traceable to the
present day, and if she is conclusively shown to be the daughter of Edgar then Edward
Aetheling's senior representative would have to be traced there; but at present Margaret is
the senior *known* representative of Edward Aetheling.

Edward Aetheling was the only son of King Edmund Ironside (d. 1016), who was an
older half-brother of Edward the Confessor, which means that Edward Aetheling was the
senior representative of King Ethelred the Unready (d. 1016), father of both Edmund
Ironside and Edward the Confessor.

 Infanta Alicia may or may not be the senior representative of the father of Edward the
Confessor, but she is currently the senior *known* representative of the father of Edward
the Confessor.

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