Monday, 27 August 2012

Sale of False Papal Honours in forged documents

An ongoing scandal in which the diplomas of Papal Orders have been falsified (easily done using digital technology) for individuals who have been led to believe that for the payment of a fee to someone claiming to be an intermediary acting on behalf of some unnamed Cardinal, they can receive a high Papal honour.

These forgeries are in fact easily detected - the signatures of the Cardinal Secretary of State have small errors and the seal is clearly not an original seal, neither is the paper original nor the recording number on the reverse. Most telling is the fatc that the names of none of these recipients are included in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, which publishes the names of those who have been honoured by His Holiness.

There are even organisation for the recipients of these worthless "honours", called the Royal College of Papal Knights in the Americas otherwise more modestly styled the College of Papal Knights (see which lists the officers, all of whom bear invented titles. One of the members of this so-called College has been accused of allegedly selling fraudulent stem-cell treatments - see

Below some fake diplomas:



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