Saturday, 25 August 2012

Letter from Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia disassociating this Royal House from the pretended Order of St John claiming King Peter's support

26 October 2009

Archivist, Senior Researcher Nils G. Bartholdy, M.A.
The Danish National Archives
Rigsdagsgården 9
DK-1218 Copenhagen K

Dear Mr Bartholdy

It has been brought to my attention that an organisation claiming the protection of my Royal House has established a branch in Denmark.

As Head of the Royal House of Yugoslavia I wish to make it absolutely clear that I have never given my protection to any organisation claiming to be an Order of St John or to any organisation that styles itself “Sovereign Order”, “Ecumenical Order” or any other combination of such names associated with Malta or St John.

No member of my Royal House is authorised to represent him or herself as being able to act in the name of the Royal House of Yugoslavia and I have not authorised Prince Karl-Vladimir of Yugoslavia or any other member of my Royal House to give their protection or to be associated in any other way with an organisation calling itself an Order of St John, or for that matter any other Order. The laws of my Royal House do not permit a junior member of the House to assume the authority of the Head of the House so Prince Karl-Vladimir’s actions have no legal basis and are an abuse of his position.

I authorise you to place this letter in the Danish National Archives and other such official archives in which it should be retained.

I remain, Sir

Yours sincerely

Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia

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